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Logo-grassroots-org.gif spreads valuable social information throughout the world and provides free web services to other nonprofit organizations to help them save money and further their own missions. We believe that the our grassroots strategy ultimately helps relieve some of the world's most egregious problems.


The mission of is to serve as a catalyst for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and business best practices. spreads important social information via our network of socially-focused web sites, while also providing non-profit organizations with free valuable resources to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Our ultimate goal is to adopt 10,000 nonprofit members, and to provide them each with an average of $10,000 of services per year at no charge (for a total savings of $100 million per year!). Additionally we will continually develop over 30 high profile nonprofit Internet portals in cooperation with specialist partners, utilizing high profile domains such as,,,,,,,, and

We strive to deliver clear and objective information that is usable by everyday global citizens, with extra emphasis on issues facing the United States. Our social action websites are designed to encourage individuals to get involved in their communities and to provide them with the information they need to make a difference.

We focus on everyday citizens by offering free action oriented information on our sites, via our forums - and through our social action email addresses, blogs, and other technologies. We provide individuals with ways to express themselves, learn, share, and to volunteer on important projects.

We focus on nonprofits by offering free services including our one of a kind Grassroots Toolbox full of free valuable web based services – plus full-featured web hosting, free domain registration, free website design, mentoring services, consulting and more.

Why does do what we do?

Often 501c3 organizations with the noblest of missions do not have adequate experience in the business world or adequate knowledge of modern technologies. This is because they must spend most of their time in the trenches making a difference and raising funds to stay afloat. This inadvertently leaves them unable to keep up with ever changing modern business and technology methods. is committed to bringing these best practices to the doorsteps of nonprofits by offering free services that save precious cash resources and assist them in becoming more efficient. In turn, they can provide additional benefits to their constituents. A virtuous cycle is created that requires your participation and ours. We feel our mission and obligation is to serve those who serve others. is always developing new tools and partnerships to benefit our network of charities and socially conscious individuals. currently serves over 300 nonprofits throughout the United States.

We welcome new users, both nonprofits and individuals and encourage you to utilize our social action sites, participate in our forums, and subscribe to Grassroots News For the latest on what is happening at Grassroots and to receive expert tips from our trained professionals sign up for Grassroots News.

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