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GM Resource & Referral Directory


The GM Resource and Referral Directory was originally published as the Directory of Counselling and Psychotherapy, the first edition coming out in 1991. It has been published regularly since, the current edition being the eleventh. In 2000, the name was changed to the GM Resource and Referral Directory and the scope expanded to encompass ten referral areas plus a section for professional development resources.

Print editions are available for the whole of New Zealand published in 2002 as four regions, and in 2003 as six regions. The four regions are Auckland/Northland, Midland (Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Gisborne), Central (Hawkes Bay, Wanganui, Manawatu, Wairarapa and Wellington), and South Island. In 2003, the South Island will be published in three regional volumes.

Distribution is made to all counsellors, psychotherapists, GPs, mental health services and a wide range of other health services and social services. We aim to ensure that every professional in the country who makes referrals has access to the Directory.

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