What you need to know about same-sex marriage

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What you need to know about same-sex marriage

It used to be men and women. Now, society considers a third sex which we commonly refer to as gays. Over the years, gay people are fighting for recognition in the society as well as allowing them to marry whoever they choose based on one’s constitutional guarantee of equality. While some conservatives oppose to this idea, there are many libertarians who are backing up this advocacy, even if it takes bringing this up to Congress or the Highest Court of the Land.

Gay Marriage Laws on US States

“Fight for marriage quality!” This is the calling made by gay rights advocates and supporters all over the world. For years, different groups have been fighting not just for marriage equality but also for equality in general. While the society is slowly accepting this and is becoming open to the inclusion of “third sex,” more people are still saying that this is not enough.

One of the most controversial issues the society is facing today is the legalization and recognition of marriage among same sex couples. All over the world, there are only 12 countries that allow gay marriage: Netherlands (April 2001), Belgium (June 2003), Spain (July 2005), Canada (July 2005), South Africa (November 2006), Norway (January 2009), Sweden (May 2009), Portugal (June 2010), Iceland (June 2010), Argentina (July 2010), Denmark (June 2012) and Uruguay (April 2013).

Digging in For the Real Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

Discussing the pros and cons of gay marriage is something that has to be done now that the issue has already been a main thing in all the parts of the world. Many individuals and groups have been working for years just to legalize gay marriage. This issue has been causing a lot of debates anywhere in the world.

Before digging dipper to gay marriage pros and cons, let us start with the basic concept of union of two people. Marriage is defined as a union of a man and a woman. This is done with the recognition of law. Many people are looking at marriage as a sacred union that involves the law of man and the law of God. If you are going to ask the church about gay marriage, they would firmly stand against it because the bible have clearly stated that marriage can only be done with the participation of a man and a woman. This is one thing that made a lot of people reluctant in accepting the concept of gay marriage. A lot of people do not believe in this concept even when gay marriage pros have been discussed in many debates. But despite all the negative response of a lot of people, the group that is passing gay marriage is still very consistent with their campaign. In this article, the writer wants to dig deeper in order to show the pros and cons on gay marriage.