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The Covenant of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry :: Geleafawaer Fyrn Sida


"The words and promises you bring are fair enough, but because they are new to us and doubtful, I cannot consent to accept them and forsake those beliefs which I and the whole English race have held so long."

Fyrnsidu is an Old English term meaning "The Old Ways". We use this term today to refer to the spiritual and religious practices of the so-called "Heathen" Germanic peoples, specifically, the Anglo-Saxons. These ancient peoples had a way of life that recognized the interconnectedness of all things; the physical, spiritual and mental realms, and the natural cycles which govern all living creatures. This way of life was, and still is highly ethical and holistic. Fyrnsidu is not an historical recreation, it is a living religion based o­n the tenets and world-view of the "Heathen" Germanic peoples.

This site is intended to be a meeting place where like minded people can talk to each other, ask questions and exchange information. It also serves as a resource centre, where you will be able to learn more about our faith and our ways. Anyone who wishes to learn more about Fyrnsidu is welcome to register a user account. This does not constitute membership in the Covenant, and there is no obligation. We will not release your information to anyone. Registered users may submit articles, links and reviews, and post comments on existing articles. You may also exchange private messages with other site members.

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