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Logo-forbes-com.gif is the internet home of Forbes magazine and is one of the most widely visited business websites in the world. Featured the latest in business news (in print and video) from around the world with current headlines, analysis and special reports in such categories as Business, Tech, Markets, Entrepreneurs, Leadership, Personal Finance and Opinions. Each category is divided further, each subcategory having its own page containing specific info and related news. You can get a stock quote at any hour of the day and night; just enter the stock or fund symbol.

Market Info

This website contains valuable info on the most important stock markets: DJIA, Nasdaq, Nikkei 225 but also the stock in the news such as Microsoft, General Motors, Ford or Pfizer. In case you are interested in the global business news, you can read them. These items of news are posted by hour, and there are several interesting headlines listed from all over the world.

Lists and Tops

A section worthwhile mentioning is the List, which contains catalogues of the 100 Top Celebrities, the 200 Best Small Companies the 400 Richest Americans plus the World Richest People and numerous other Forbes lists of high interest.


Another section that's interesting is the "ForbesLife" which features lifestyle sections like Collecting, Health, Real estate, Sports, Travel, Vehicles, and Wine & Food.

Get Alerts

At the bottom of each page, you have the option to get email alerts form Pick the fields that interest you the most and you will get daily updated news directly in your email box.

Updated news is also available through mobile technology on your phone or PDA, and through RSS Feeds.

Localized Versions

Another great feature of is that it comes in three huge versions, personalized for Europe, Asia and the US. So, you can find out the news from the place you are developing your business in.

Additional Information

The display of this website is wide-ranging and fully accomplishes its mission: that of bringing fresh business news to business people all around the globe. There is one little drawback to this site: it is crammed with ads. Except from that, is an excellent place to get business and financial updates and it suits very well as a home page for businessmen.




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