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ECF with a strong network in China

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Attracting Investments from China and Europe. The Europe China Foundation (ECF) helps investors, companies and Governments (and Governmental Organizations) to find their way to solid business opportunities.

ECF has a strong network in China and Europe amongst high ranked Government Officials and Representatives and CEO's of large and medium size companies. ECF can help companies to find the right partner in China and Europe.

ECF is now involved in two large investment programs offered by China. One is the set up an European TCM Center. In this Center ECF will bring the Tradional Chinese Medicine (TCM) under the attention of the Public in Europe. The Center is also aiming to get TCM integrated in the western Health Care System. It is allready proven that TCM and Western medicine are complementary to each other. The contract of cooperation is signed with the WFAS) World federation of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Societies in China. This Chinese NGO is full member of the World Health Organization and linked to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM). The Vice Minister of Health, Mr. Wang Guoqiang is the President of SATCM and professor Deng Liangyue. and

The Head-office of ECF is based in Belgium. Square de Meeus 37 - 1000 Brussels- Belgium. - Tel: +32 27917716 - Fax: 0032 27917900

ECF's activities

The focus of ECF is in field of: - Aviation (upgrading airports; making businessplans; restructurizing airliners and related organizations in the Airplane industry; certificating airplanes; intermediary activities, merge and acquisitions etc.) - Seeking solid joint-venture partners - Setting up new companies - Recruitment of specialists - Legal work (drafting up contracts etc.) - Obtaining all the necessary official documents, licences etc. - Networking - bringing companies in contact with Government officials in China and Europe and CEO's of large and medium size companies. - Training "How to be successful in China". - Cultural and Business Exchange Programs > exchange of employees wanting to gain more international business experience,meeting with and getting to understand other cultures. - Introducing European companies to the right parties in China.

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