is vehicle accident recovery centre

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East Grinstead Crash Repairs


East Grinstead Crash Repairs is a fully-service vehicle accident recovery centre based within 1 mile of the south section of the M25. Complete with flatbed recovery truck and roadside assistance vehicle, EGCR is always first on the scene of a road traffic accident.

Our reputation for quality workmanship and high levels of customer care have ensured that we have a dedicated base of loyal customers who have come back to us time and again over many years.

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Additional Information

We offer a range of repair services from the very smallest job such as paintwork damage due to stone-chips or car park dents through to major accident jigwork and reconstruction..

Our services include:

Window Screen Replacement Dashboard Repairs Geometry alignment Convertible Hood repairs Air conditioning upgrades Sign-writing Cloth repairs Audio Replacement ALL our work is guaranteed to 3 years against sub-standard workmanship and we also abide by the MVRA Code of Practice for working standards and abitration.

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