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New Zealand sphagnum moss and Chilian sphagnum moss promoters and distributers. Donex Trading, New Zealand


The Company

Donex are a company that specialises in Sphagnum Moss and graded bark. Initially started in 92 to promote and distribute quality Sphagnum Moss to Oriental orchid growers in Taiwan . Our original product, Layered moss was a great benefit to growers and due to its success we have been able to branch out and include standard moss packs for both the grower and retailer in the Asian and American market's.

At Donex we were also the innovators behind the Sphagnum Moss supply from Chile, South America. We now stand as one of the leading exporter's from this source and have been developing the product and Quality standards for the last 10 years.

In New Zealand we have formed a JOINT VENTURE with our major supplier McGills Moss Ltd (DonnyBrook Holdings Ltd) to purchase substantial areas of growing moss at Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand .

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