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Common Ground Community


Who we are:

Common Ground’s mission is to solve homelessness. We accomplish our mission by moving homeless people from streets and shelters into homes, and by assisting those most vulnerable to homelessness to maintain their housing. We are a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization established in 1990 with programs in New York City, New York’s Hudson Valley, and Connecticut.

What we do:

We start by focusing on those who have been homeless the longest and are most urgently in need of help. We move individuals into their own homes and connect them with the help they need to rebuild their lives, like help finding a steady job and getting medical and mental health care.

Homelessness can be ended. A small percentage of the homeless are “chronically” homeless, and spend years at at time in shelters or on the streets at great human cost and substantial public expense. Moving people into their own homes and connecting them with life management services costs far less than shelters and repeated hospital care.

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AGENCY.COM for Common Ground
New York NY
United States 10018

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