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Civilitas Research - South East Europe - Politics & International Relations


About Civilitas Research

Civilitas Research is an independent policy research centre (think tank) focusing on the politics and international relations of South East Europe. For the purposes of clarity, we divide our work into three main areas of concentration: regional security, democratisation and EU integration.

Founded in 2001, and located in Cyprus, our primary objective is to contribute to the wider international debate on the region by generating balanced, informed and policy-oriented commentary and analysis. In pursuing this goal, we observe three main principles. First of all, we believe that relevant and realistic analysis should take into account both the regional and the international dimensions of an issue. Secondly, we adhere to the highest standards of academic research and policy analysis. Finally, when required, we will challenge the prevailing view or received wisdom on an issue. We are not afraid to voice an alternative opinion.

We distribute our research in a wide variety of ways. In addition to writing commentary and analysis articles for the website, our staff and associates publish books and articles, deliver presentations and lectures and are regularly interviewed by the media. In addition to our freely published research, we have also often been called upon to provide briefings and analysis for a number of leading organisations, companies and official bodies, including the following:


Civilitas Research Ltd
Nicosia --
Cyprus 16183



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