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Why is AssumeGoodFaith important?

We want to live in a community that defuses rather than exacerbates misunderstandings.

How do I do it?

  • After a nasty confrontation with someone else, reflect on how you would have reacted if you observed the same behavior from the person you most trust in the community. What would you have said to them?
  • Practice noticing when your "Bad Actor" detector goes off. Did you recognize that you were feeling skeptical before, or after you responded?
  • Before policing the next batch of bad behavior that you encounter, ask someone you trust to help you look at the situation from a different perspective.

The following list of folks understand the WikiWayLesson described on this page and have made the decision to get better at living "ITryToAssumeGoodFaith" through regular reflection and practice. Furthermore, they are actively propagating the AssumeGoodFaith Meme by adding {{Badge:ITryToAssumeGoodFaith}} to their PersonalPage.

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