provides both inbound and outbound call processing solutions

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Call Processing Technology - IVR And Voice Broadcasting Systems, Software and Services

Call Processing Technology


Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leader in providing call processing technology and call center solutions. This advanced technology features call center software along with our automatic inbound and outbound phone systems. DSC likewise specializes in call processing outsourced services using our own phone systems and software.

DSC phone systems are state-of-the-art and include computer telephony features such as IVR (interactive voice response) and voice broadcasting options.

DSC provides call outsourcing services at our automated call center. This data center is a highly secure and redundant facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. DSC provides voice broadcasting and IVR outsourcing services for customers located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

IVR Solutions

Database Systems Corp. is unique in that it provides both IVR systems and IVR hosting services. DSC has developed a call center phone system that can process both inbound calls and also perform outbound calling campaigns simultaneously.

Our IVR system and outsourcing service applications are developed using our own proprietary IVR software development tools. This software is "Open" in that applications can be developed on Windows or Linux operating systems and can reside on a different computer system than the phone system itself. See the IVR software guide for further information.

Voice Broadcasting Solutions

DSC provides both voice broadcast systems and voice broadcasting services. Outsourced calling services are provided at our off-site data center located in Phoenix that provides both a secure and highly redundant environment for the protection of our clients.

Voice broadcast systems employ Windows OS on an Intel processor using Dialogic telephony boards. These systems can be configured from 4 analog lines up to 480 digital lines and can be networked to support a virtually unlimited number of phone lines.

Answering Service Solutions

As designers of interactive voice response software, DSC is positioned to manage inbound answering service campaigns for its clients, saving them both time and money.

DSC can deliver this phone answering software and service quickly, providing a competitive advantage to its clients in competitive marketplaces. From external database access to web integration, DSC provides custom phone answering service applications in a short period of time.

Call Processing Equipment


Call processing equipment from DSC includes automated call handling systems and software. DSC supplies call processing solutions for the telecommunications industry. These systems can automatically answer inbound calls using an IVR program and also perform outbound autodialer functions.

DSC provides two different types of phone systems, both of which incorporate the latest technologies from Intel and Microsoft Corporation. The computer telephony boards that control the calling process are provided by Dialogic.

The WIZARD analog phone system supports up to 48 phone lines. The PACER digital phone system supports up to 480 digital lines and can be networked to support an unlimited number of lines. Each of these series can be employed as an IVR phone system or as a voice broadcast system.

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