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One might well call the history of the company “Atlantis-Pak” as the Russian implementation of the long-wished “American dream”. Within a short period, two discarded production lines purchased in Germany and installed in the corner of the modest hangar under lease made their long way. They covered the way from own and unique elaborations of the food packages to the position of the leading manufacturer of the sausage casings in Russia, as well as to the regular export deliveries to 50 countries of the world.

The company management officials consider the interest of the Russian sausages manufacturers towards the development of the home production of the polyamide made casings, as the main reason of such uprise. Our partners were well aware of the initial difficulties of the young company and its aspirations to produce really high-quality and up-to-date products.

Establishment of the production & commercial company “Atlantis-Pak Ltd.”, which currently is one of the leading companies engaged in the casings production meant for packaging of the various meat products, coincided with so-called “restructuring” period. Those who founded the company were in no way hardened businessmen. Two of them, namely, Oleg Davidenko and Sergey Ryzenko, were regular Army officers and graduates of Rostov Higher Military Command School of the Missile Forces, named after M.I. Nedelin, which is the elite educational establishment famous for formation of the qualified military engineers. They had to look for some civil employment pressed by the radical political and economic changes, taking place in our country. Alexander Davidenko was communications engineer by specialty (graduate of the Leningrad Institute of the electrotechnical communications), while Sergey Borodayev was the University tuitor and held Ph.D. degree (Chemistry). None of the four was particularly fond of trade-and-purchase activities, which were very popular in those days. All of them wanted to work at some industrial enterprise and they eventually joined in different ways to “Atlantis-Cable”, which represented the company engaged in the production of aluminum cables. Said endeavor provided accumulation of certain experience and first capital funds.

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