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Appropedia - wiki for development and all things green

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Appropedia is a collaborative library of best practices, technologies and wisdom in international development and sustainability, with a focus on the appropriate solution to the context, in the spirit of appropriate technology. Rather than greenwash, this is real Green Living know-how. Project writeups, how-tos, in-depth topical information, designs and original research such as theses are encouraged, and provide a reference and a starting point for all who are looking for practical answers to make a difference.

It is a global community and networking is encouraged.

Read About Appropedia, or see the Vision and Mission.

The Appropedia Foundation

Appropedia is an open knowledge site, free to be reused and adapted under our CC-BY-SA license. The site is managed and the domain is owned by the Appropedia Foundation, which has an international board of directors, but is registered as a 501(c)(3) (tax-deductible) California non-profit.

Appropedia and service learning

Students creating a knowledge resource at

Academics and students actively contribute to Appropedia, writing their projects and research assignments in the wiki, to eventually become part of this knowledge bank and benefit others. This gives to the global community, helps build a bank of solutions, and inspires students. See Appropedia's Service Learning portal for more.


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