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How to add YouTube videos to pages on AboutUs.org

Adding a video is easy. To add a YouTube video to a page, follow these instructions:

  • Upload the video to YouTube.
  • Copy the relevant identification number from the URL (starting after the '=' sign)
  • Paste this identification number from YouTube (between two YouTube tags) into the Wiki section of the AboutUs page.
Example: <YouTube>U-shZs2I4E4</YouTube>
  • Save your edits and play the video.

Note: Adding a YouTube video will only work in the "Wiki" section of our new style of pages or in our old style of pages.

Wrapping text

To make text wrap around a video use the below formatting, replacing "right" with "left" if you prefer and putting the code for your YouTube video between the <YouTube> and </YouTube> tags.

<div style="float:right; margin-left:1em;"><YouTube>xyz123</YouTube></div>

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