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Stay Fit The benefits for maintaining a regular exercise program into our daily lives are endless. To begin with, regular exercise can help you feel better, look better, reduce stress and increase your energy level. Exercise can help you control your weight, reduce the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease or high blood pressure and help improve your endurance, strength and flexibility. Yet, you and 60% of all Americans neglect exercise. Why? Perhaps the biggest obstacle that stands between us and exercising is our busy daily schedule. Our days are filled with work, shuttling the kids to and from practice, running household errands, and many other tasks that take us away from exercise. Our biggest excuse is that we simply don�t have the time or the energy to exercise. Yet considering the rewards and benefits that result from regular exercise, shouldn�t you want to make time? If you decide you�re ready to fit exercise into your life, you can. It�s simply a matter of planning and determination. One of the main keys to success is planning a schedule and setting goals. Remember to be realistic when setting goals. A proper short term goal could be to simply exercise three times a week. A proper long term goal could be to get in shape to run a marathon. Many people find the best time for exercise to be in the morning. When you exercise early you avoid the possibility of other activities getting in the way. Of course, the mornings don�t work for everybody, so another suggestion would be to work out immediately following your work day. Here�s something you may not know: you don�t have to sweat and strain for hours on end to improve your health. Instead short, focused physical activity could get you on the right track for a healthy lifestyle. Once you have set your goals and are following your exercise routine, remember to stay focused. Staying motivated is another obstacle that you must overcome. Remember to be creative. Physical fitness comes in many forms, so chose the activities that you want to do. If you like the water, try to incorporate swimming into your exercise. It might also help to have a workout buddy or a coach to train with and help keep you motivated. Another motivator is training for an athletic event such as a marathon or a triathlon. Worried about trying to compete with the elite athletes? Don�t be. Many of these events have recreational groups for those of us who just want to have fun. No matter how busy our lives might be we can always find the time for exercise. Don�t forget that as parents we are role models for our children. So get active and demonstrate the proper way to a healthy lifestyle. Focus on Youth One of the biggest public health concerns currently is the growing rate of obesity in children. Obesity is such a threat that experts are predicating that young Americans may be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. There are many health concerns that can be directly linked to obesity such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and weight related orthopedic problems. Obese children also have increased blood pressure rate, heart rate and cardiac output. Why has child obesity become such a problem? There are many factors. To begin with, fast food, junk food, and soft drinks have become a major part of a child�s diet and children often consume such food in large amounts. Secondly, many of today�s children spend many hours watching television or using a computer. The high levels of inactivity are damaging to a child�s health. What can be done to combat the rising rate of obesity in children? Experts believe in a combination of proper dieting and increased physical activity. Every effort should be made to help young people develop healthy lifestyles. It is important that a child not feel overwhelmed or discouraged and therefore goals should be set to allow for realistic weight loss. Physical activity is very important. Exercise is simply the best way to experience weight loss and help redistribute body fat into muscle. As with weight loss, realistic exercise goals should be set. Obese children often suffer from low self esteem and carry a negative view about their health. This is why it is important to help a child turn negative statements into positive ones. It is important that an obese child not go through life feeling alone. Family involvement is vital. Families should be supportive of a child�s wish to live a healthy lifestyle. They should offer praise and encourage their child to reach the realistic goals set for weight loss. Combating obesity may not seem like an easy task but it is challenge worth taking. Your child�s life may depend on it. Youth, Adult, Older Adult Personal Training I will meet you at your home or at a designated location. Together we will develop a personalized fitness program. I will incorporate the three keys areas of physical, mental/emotional, and social wellness into your program. I will motivate you and we will develop a complete wellness program. Within a few training sessions, your confidence and self esteem will soar! Online Coaching If you prefer a more informal approach, online coaching might be your program of choice. You may have a specific goal such as running a 10k or � marathon. You may be training for an upcoming basketball season. You might have a 10, 20, or 30 year reunion around the corner and may need a few simple tips to be ready for that big day. Finally, you could be clear across the country and one-on-one training is just not an option. Whatever the situation, online coaching is just another resource for you to take advantage of. Dietary Assessment This program allows me to produce a meal plan that will review your current eating habits and design a meal plan that fits your life style. You may be a person who puts in 12 hour days and eating is the last item on your PDA. You might be a stay-at-home mom and need a wider selection of food choices for you and your on the go family. You could be a high school student athlete wanting to get bigger, stronger and faster for the next football season. No matter your life style, I will work hard to customize a meal plan for you to reach your goals. Guest Speaker Finally, I am also available for guest speaking. I can help motivate your students at your school assemblies, get your employees fired up for their work day or speak at your local community center for your active community members. Bringing in a guest speaker is always a nice change of pace and is often well received. 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