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General Logan was one of the men that, upon appearing in a public place, immediately claim the general attention. Above the medium height, his fine physique gave assurance of great muscular strength and activity. His hair was as black and lustrous as the wing of a raven ; the head massive ; its contour bold and striking; the forehead broad and high, showing great breadth and depth of brain structure ; the eyebrows heavily formed of rich black hair; the nose large and of Grecian caste ; the mouth neither large nor small, under the play of the muscles surrounding it, as moved by the varying conditions of excitement, grief, pleasure, anger, determination, etc., was a study for the physiologist ; while the chin, broad and symmetrical, lent completeness to a head and face of classical beauty. But the particular feature which most riveted attention was the eye. The sclerotic, as visible from the front of the ball, was of a limpid white, while the darkness of the pupil resembled "night, with hue so black." As the diamond flashes out its richest colors in response to the questioning gleam of light, so the eye of this gifted man was illuminated erred, because such a claim can only be sustained for infallibility ; but it can safely be said that, when he. erred, it was never against justice, but always upon the side of truth, and of a worthy cause.
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