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easyDNA is an international provider of DNA testing. We are at the forefront of international companies offering these types of test. With over 7 years of experience in this field and over 18 offices all around the world, easyDNA South Africa is fully confident in being able to provide high levels of service. DNA tests offered include paternity tests for either peace of mind or legal purposes as well as several other DNA tests.

easyDNA South Africa is based in Johannesburg and specializes in paternity DNA testing which is offered at only R1995 for an at home paternity test. Paternity test for legal purposes is also carried out by easyDNA but in this latter case we always ensure to discuss the test directly with our clients on the phone to help the understand the procedure required for this type of test.

easyDNA is a leading DNA testing company and offers DNA testing that is highly accurate and importantly, carried out in laboratories that are ISO 170 25 accredited and AABB accredited. Every member of our customer support team are trained so as to be fully competent to help you out in the best and most efficient way.

What other types of DNA tests are offered by easyDNA?

easyDNA offers several relationship DNA tests that can help determine whether biological links exist between alleged relatives. The test that is most frequently used is a sibling DNA test. This test can help sibling know whether they share the same biological father (or in rare cases, the same biological mother). Depending on the sex of the siblings, there are 3 different test available: Y chromosome test, X chromosome test and a STR test. Aunt/uncle testing and grandparents tests are available.

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