I've tracked this blind address used by to several phishing schemes and Internet criminal gangs. It's pretty sick to see a corporation become an enabler of crime gangs who use their ongoing fraud schemes to fund terrorism and rob thousands from checking and savings accounts.


1/9/2009 I have been solicited by a person who calls themselves Kelly Harris from; Employment Resource Services, who went so far as to provide an email and phone number that is local to my area; | 484.797.9473. I was curious right off the bat due to being asked to call for employment opportunities since my phone number was not on my resume from a position I applied for. (my phone number has been right next to my email address since I have been working). After some research I found that is a site that has been registered by is apparently a site for technology staffing placement and career/resume refinement. I have never been to a recruiting site that didn't have portals for employers and prospective employees. And judging from the sheer lack of contact information coupled with the grammatical errors all over the site, I'm assuming that this is a phishing site for poor shmuks that don't have a job and will be easily conned into paying for some service that will guarantee getting a job, only to end in failure. - This is only a hunch, but a strong one at that. I am going to contact this Kelly and see if I'm right.

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