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Vision The intentional and deliberate declaration to create, live and transfer The Legacy thereby impacting current and future generations according to Psalms 78. From a family to families... Mission A multi- media based platform to - Create awareness of generational impact Create understanding of the urgency of the legacy Help develop a Godly legacy By teaching, transferring and instruction through the media, personal instruction, coaching, mentorship and public address   Core Values   You are part of a family You will create your own family You will impact your family You will leave a legacy Statements of Faith  Family is the crown of God’s creation. We therefore strive to align our values with God’s idea of family. God designed family generationally God prioritises family first after Himself God works and speaks through family Welcome, to, Family, Dynamix Shape, a, New, Generation, -, Build, The, LegacyWhen, there, is, righteousness, in, the, heart,, there, is, beauty, in, the, character When, there, is, beauty, in, the, character,there, is, harmony, in, the, home When, there, is, harmony, in, the, home,, there, is, order, in, the, nation, When, there, is, order, in, the, nation There'll, be, peace, in, the, landFAMILY, DYNAMIX, EVENT, CALENDAR, 2010 , Singles The, 1st, Friday, of, every, Month , Men’s, Mentoring: Meet, every, 3rd, Saturday, of, every, Month Let, Us, Make, Men, Conference 25, September, 2010 , Couples Meet, every, 1st, Saturday, of, the, month Renewal, of, marriage, Vows, 3, -, 5, December, 2010, Drakensburg , Marriage, Enrichment, weekend Discover, your, Spouse’s, Gifting, 1:16:47, AM Home About, Us Marriage, Officer Young, Adults, Seminars Pre-Marital, Counselling Structure, Development Marriage, enrichment Radio, Programmes Marriage, Seminars Key, Messages Contact, Us Who, and, What, is, Family, Dynamix? Family, Dynamix, -, the, name, given, for, the, all-encompassing, body, of, the, various, Family, enrichment, functions, which, fall, under, it., Further, expansion, is, anticipated, in, all, the, areas, and, functions, of, this, awesome, calling. The, main, thrust, of, the, ministry, is, family, enrichment, which is, a, pro-, active, approach, in, strengthening, the, marriage,, rather, than, applying, first-aid, to, it, and, then, placing, it, on, a, life, support, system., Furthermore,, to, give, further, impetus, to, this, conviction,, we, have, started, a, youth, development, program, to, help, young, adults, make, the, right, choices, for, marriage,and, to, be, better, prepared, for, the, challenges, that, lie, ahead. The, approach, is, to, build, a, new, generation, ofyoung, people,, they, will, have, a, better, chance. Our, Vision, &, Mission Vision To, develop, a, ministry, with, a, world, wide, impact, that, re-defines, the, family, to, reflect, the, biblical, blueprint,, create, a, godly, legacy, and, build, a, new, generation, by, equipping, the, present, generation.Marriage, Officer A, registered, marriage, officer, is, on, board, to, solomnise, your, marriage. We, allow, you, the, flexibility, to, personalise, your, ceremony, (within, the, specifications, of, the, law), to, make, your, special, day, even, more, memorable., The, only, prerequisite, is, that, the, couple, do, a, pre-marital, counselling course,, either, through, Family, Dynamix,, or, another, institution. The, idea, is, to, improve, your, chances, of, making, your, marriage, last. To, Enrich, Marriages Present, biblical, based, and, relevant, enrichment, programs Create, an, appetite, for, and, a, model, of, strong, loving, marriages Empower, couples, with, tools, to, manage, their, own, families To, spread, the, message, worldwide, by, being, kingdom, minded. To, Create, an, Awareness, for, Leaving, a, Godly, Legacy Create, an, urgency, around, leaving, a, godly, legacy Help, victims, deal, with, their, past,, enjoy, the, present, and, to, invest, in, their, future., Assist, and, counsel, those, struggling, with, issues, of, the, past Assist, couples, to, enjoy, their, marriages, and, to, prepare, a, godly, legacy To, Prepare, the, Present, Generation Assist, young, people, to, deal, with,, and, break, away, from, their, negative, past Initiate, young, people, into, a, positive, adulthood, Impact, the, future, by, building, a, new, generation. Mission • Expand, radio, ministry, nationally, and, internationally • Network, with, international, speakers, and, ministries, on, family, issues • Design, and, develop, workshop, material, that, will, reflect, family, life, as, per, biblical, standards, • Author, at, least, one, book, annually, • Design, life, skills, program, to, develop, and, empower, the, youth, • Build, a, family, clinic, to, serve, and, empower, those, in, need Core, values Dynamic, Divas Meet, every, 3rd, Saturday, of, the, Month Young, Adults, Preparation, Seminars These, conferences, are, designed, to, assist, young, adults, to, grow, into, nto, a, person, who, is, ready, for, marriage. The, main, emphasis, is, to, "Be, the, right, person,, rather, than, meet, the, right, person" We, also, address, issues, such, as, the, etiquette, of, relationships,, etc. Pre-Marital, Counselling These, are, counselling, sessions, designed, for, creating, an, awareness, of, the, issues, and, challenges, of, marriage. It, addresses, things, such, as, marital, expectations,, problem, solving, within, marriage, (conflict, management), children, etc. We, try, to, present, a, realistic, and, balanced, approach, for, some, of, the, real, issues, in, marriage. Structure, Development Generational, Impact Family, Dynamix, assists, churches, to, understand, the, full, impact, that, one, generation, in, one, family, has, on, the, next., It, assesses, the, internal, family, relationships,, by, probing, through, historical, patterns,, analyzing, present, attitudes, and, behaviours,, and, then, based, on, this, information,, predicts, what, lies, ahead, should, the, status, quo, be, maintained. Unless, we,, as, the, Church,, are, aware, of, these, dynamics,, that, affect, relationships), and, make, the, most, of, our, opportunities,, we, might, lose, important, impetus, -, and, what, could, have, worked, for, us,, ends, up, working, against, us., In, order, to, take, full, advantage, of, the, window, of, opportunity,, every, church, assembly, has, its, own, dynamics, which, has, to, be, considered, when, designing, a, strategy., The, diagram, below, tries, to, explain, this, concept., Marriage, Enrichment, Groups This, is, the, ultimate, way, to, go., We, setup, supportgroups, marriages,, rather, than, applying, first, aid, to, battered, and, bruised, relationships. These, programs, are, designedat, making, good, marriages, better, and, ultimately, great. The, approach, is, to, inoculate, your, marriage, against, viral, attacks,, in, order, to, boost, the, marriage's, immune, system. Radio, Programmes We, touch, the, lives, of, thousands, of, listeners, on, our, daily, radio, programmes, nationally, and, internationally. Marriage, Seminars Marriage, Seminars These, are, seminars, designed, at, addressing, various, issues, in, marriage, such, as, role, interpretation,, effective, parenting, guidelines,, coping, with, teenagers,, changing, your, marriage, from, dual, to, duet, etc.Family, Dynamics, Key, Messages Marriage, dynamics Marriage, is, a, dynamic, environment, because, whenever, people, live, together, and, share, the, same, space,, interaction, and, inter-dependence, will, always, produce, change, and, thus, friction., It, is, imperative, that, one, keeps, cognisance, of, this, fact, and, be, weary, not, to, be, caught, unaware., The, wise, will, prepare, for, this, phenomenon, and, be, ready, to, tackle, the, challenges, when, these, changes, occur., , Enrichment. The, main, thrust, of, Family, Dynamix, is, to, enrich, marriages, by, preparing, partners, with, tools, to, manage,, enjoy, and, maintain, their, relationships, -, not, to, interfere, with, the, daily, and, natural, occurrences., When, a, couple, have, the, know-, how, on, how, to, deal, effectively, with, their, differences, they, are, able, to, embrace, and, celebrate, these, differences, and, their, relationship, will, naturally, mature, earlier, than, most., Marriage, enrichment, is, about, raising, the, immunity, level, of, your, marriage, and, to, heighten, its, resilience. Counselling He, that, will, not, be, counselled, cannot, be, helped., Furthermore, the, Bible, says, that, “the, wise, seek, counsel”., Counselling, is, an, independent,, non-partisan, look, at, issues, that, cause, or, may, cause, conflict;, Counselling, will, bring, objective, perspective,, and, will, provide, advice, to, help, overcome, these, issues., This, should, not, be, limited, to, sorting, out, trouble, in, marriage,, but, it, should, be, used, to, enlighten, and, promote, understanding. Pre-marital, counselling. No, couple, should, get, married, without, having, gone, through, proper, and, intensive, pre-marital, counselling., Nor, should, any, marriage, officer, officiate, any, marriage, without, providing, this, counsel., If, we, are, going, to, give, couples, and, better, chance, at, marriage, and, to, reduce, the, divorce, statistics,, then, the, church, should, take, the, initiative, in, this, regard., , , Legacy. The, true, test, of, a, man’s, character, is, not, what, he, inherits, from, his, parents,, but, what, he, leaves, for, his, descendents., Whereas, an, inheritance, is, what, you, leave, for, your, descendents,, a, legacy, is, what, you, leave, in, your, descendents., Building, a, godly, legacy, for, our, children, is, a, prime, responsibility, of, each, parent., So, the, important, question, of, “how, will, this, impact, my, children?”, should, always, be, foremost, considerations, when, making, a, decision. Accepting, differences Marriage, is, a, collision, of, two, worlds;, one, has, to, accept, that, the, prime, challenges, of, marriage, is, not, to, change, your, partner,, but, to, make, your, difference, work, for, you,, because, it’s, your, differences, that, gives, your, marriage, the, unique, character., So, the, challenge, is, enjoy, your, marriage,, manage, your, differences, and, to, differ, with, dignity. The, best, is, yet, to, be. If, you, start, off, your, relationship, by, falling, in, love,, you, should, move, to, the, next, level, of, being, in, love., This, is, when, you, move, past, the, stage, where, love, is, emotional, and, hormonal,, but, it, becomes, a, lifestyle., , This, quality, of, love, will, weather, any, storm,, and, grow., Every, married, couple, needs, to, understand, that, their, relationship, requires, constant, nurturing,, guarding, and, hard, work,, whilst, simultaneously, taking, the, time, to, build, and, cherish, precious, memories, that, will, carry, it, through, the, tougher, times., , Remember, that, the, road, to, the, Promise, land,, goes, through, the, desert. Character, of, love The, greatest, evidence, of, love, is, sacrifice., Therefore,, you, can, give, without, loving,, but, you, could, never, love, without, giving., The, main, motivation, for, marriage, should, be, to, bestow, all, the, love,, time, and, commitment, in, your, heart, on, a, person, whom, you, love, dearly., If, your, life, is, about, yourself,, then, you, are, definitely, not, ready, for, marriage., Stay, single, until, you, die, of, yourself,, and, live, for, someone, else. Expectations It, is, imperative, that, you, have, realistic, expectations, and, to, share, them, with, your, spouse., Beware, of, un-communicated, expectation, because, it, leads, to, unmet, expectations,, and, is, a, great, source, of, frustration, and, disappointment, in, marriage., , The, right, partner. Being, the, right, person, is, more, important, than, meeting, the, right, person., If, you, don’t, know, what, you, want,, you, will, never, know, when, you, have, it., You, can, never, change, your, partner, to, the, way, you, want, them, to, be,, so, working, on, yourself, is, a, better, option, and, the, rewards, are, far, more, fulfilling., The, mature, and, fulfilled, person, will, always, attract, people, of, the, same, calibre., The, recipe, of, marriage, has, been, tested, over, thousands, of, years,, and, it, works,, but, it, is, the, ingredients, that, often, cause, the, marriage, to, fail., , Immature, people, will, struggle, with, an, immature, marriageContact, Us Postal, address:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , PO, Box, 243 Naturena,, 2064 Tel, no:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , +27110233057 Fax, no., , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , +27112525716 Mobile, no:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , +27824117776 Email:, Banking, Details Account, Name:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Family, Dynamix Branch, Name:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Booysens Account, No:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 62180705223 Branch, Code:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 260105 lakeside, funeral, parlour, funerals, experts, Gauteng, roodepoort, Eldorado, park, bosmont, newclare, coronationville, corrie, coffins, caskets, flowers, arrangements, pall, bearers, grieving, what, to, do, in, the, event, of, deathfuneral, places, pretoria, burial, teraardebestelling, cremation, verassing, Charles, , Stellenberg, funeral, begrafnis, private, crematorium , privaat, crematorium, eulogy, huldeblyk, audio, streaming, internet-uitsending, organ, donation, orgaanskenking, bearers,, draers, pall, bearersslippedraers, funeral, home, begrafnishuis, funeral, parlour,, begrafnisonderneming, funeral, director, begrafnisondernemer, tombstones, , grafstene, funeral, policybegrafnispolisse, chapel , kapel, the, compassionate, friends, , steungroep, , support, group, , ondersteuningsgroep, counselling, , berading, bereavement, counselling, , rousmartberading, hearse, lykswa, funeral, flowers, , begrafnisblomme, funeral, poems, , begrafnis, gedigte, baby, funeralsbaba, begrafnisse, conversations, on, grief, gesprekke, oor, rou, funeral, planning, begrafnisbeplanning, preplanning, voorafbeplanning, centurion, , mortuary, lykshuis, verkoelingsgeriewe, , lyk, lyke, moreletapark, sinoville, pretoria, cemetery, cemetry, begraafplaas, memorial, service, , gedenkdiens, , , roudiens, funeral, dvd, , begrafnis, dvd, memorial, book, teenwoordigheidsregister, green, funerals, , , eco, friendly, funerals, , ekovriendelike, begrafnisse, personalised, funerals, verpersoonlike, begrafnisse, bespoke, funerals, , unieke, begrafnisse, viewing, room, , , besigtigingskamer, professional, funeral, home, , professionele, begrafnis, repatriation, of, human, remains, repatriasie, van, menslike, oorskot, embalming, , , balsem, coffin, , , kis, casket, , ashes, , , asse, urn, , askissie, funeral, bulletinsfuneral, programmes, begrafnisbiljette, funeral, photos, on, canvas, , begrafnisfoto, op, doek, wills, testamente, estate, planning, , boedelbeplanning, last, will, and, testament, deceased, oorledene, death, , , dood, dying, , , sterwe, , baby, hearse, babalykswa, funeral, cateringbegrafnis, spyseniering, funeral, refreshmentsbegrafnis, verversings, last, respectslaaste, eerbetoon, grave, , , graf, graveyard, wall, of, rememberance, , muur, van, herinnering, garden, of, rememberance, , tuin, van, herinnering, bereaved, parents, treurende, ouers, bedroefde, ouers, seminars, on, bereavement, seminaar, oor, rousmart, funeral, industry, begrafnisindustrie, begrafnisbedryf, independent, funeral, home, onafhanklike, begrafnisonderneming, registered, funeral, home, geregistreerde, begrafnisonderneming, arranging, a, funeral, reël, van, begrafnis, begrafnisreelings, terminal, illness, terminale, siekte, gravemarker, grafmerker, natural, death, natuurlike, sterfte, unnatural, death, onnatuurlike, sterfte, death, certificate, doodsertifikaat, personalised, funerals, verpersoonlike, begrafnisse, identification, of, deceased, uitkenning, van, oorledene, taking, care, of, deceased, versorging, van, oorledene, removing, deceased, verwydering, van, oorledene, stylvolle, begrafnis, stylish, elegant, funeral, elite, begrafnisonderneming, elite, funeral, home, lid, van, nbov, nasionale, begrafnisondernemersvereniging, van, suider, afrika, member, of, nfda, national, funeral, directors, association, of, southern, africa, funeral, services, pretoria, funeral, services, centurion, funeral, director, pretoria, funeral, director, centurion, funeral, places, pretoria,

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The intentional and deliberate declaration to create]] [[Category:live and transfer The Legacy thereby impacting current and future generations according to Psalms 78. From a family to families...


A multi- media based platform to - Create awareness of generational impact Create understanding of the urgency of the legacy Help develop a Godly legacy

By teaching]][[Category:mentorship and public address  

Core Values   You are part of a family You will create your own family You will impact your family You will leave a legacy Statements of Faith  Family is the crown of God’s creation. We therefore strive to align our values with God’s idea of family. God designed family generationally God prioritises family first after Himself God works and speaks through family Welcome]][[Category:Dynamix Shape]][[Category:character When]][[Category:nation There'll]][[Category:Singles The]][[Category:Mentoring: Meet]][[Category:Month

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