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Angkor Thom was a mighty Khmer empire City dated back to the 12th century. During the King Jayavarman VII's reign, Angkor Thom had a population of a million people - more than any other cities in the world at that time. Angkorthom.US website was named after Angkor Thom to relive the spirits of Khmer ancestors in the era. Ankorthom.US is intended to be the Khmer community website portal - absolutely non-political - for everybody who is interested in knowing anything about Khmer and Cambodia to explore and provide up-to-date Cambodian news feeds from many different sources, Cambodian articles and announcements, web directory, Cambodian related surveys, community forums, blogs, Khmer picture gallery, current weather information in some main provinces in Cambodia and job annoucements. All services provided by Angkorthom.US are free!


I would like to dedicate Angkorthom.US to my father and my sister who are the most lovable persons in the world to me. My father died of cancer in 1998 and my sister died of cancer in 2006. Please help support American Cancer Society as much as you can under the names of those who died of cancer to search for cure. If you are not in the US, help a cancer organization in your area.

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