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Anime-Zone, Zone-Anime , Download Anime for free ! 400+ Anime available, 70+ Manga, 50+ Anime OSTS and over 100+ series to stream ! It's your number one anime source !

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Started in August 2006, the Zone-Anime project was a project that wanted to make anime easy to access for the masses for free, the admin was fed up of other anime sites, that were disorganized, weren't very user friendly, had too many pop ups and just didn't offer enough. Then in September-October 2006 the Zone-Anime site got hacked and had to be totally remade. It was then that the site started to gain popularity. For the 6 months that were after this, the site gained about 1000 members per month, though they were always having constant server troubles. At the start Zone-Anime was only offering anime, until, due to a huge demand, they started offering Manga and then later on Anime OSTs. In the spring on 2007, Zone-Anime started FTP services , but unfortunately for various reasons this didn't work out. This site continues to offer anime, with over 4TB of anime, they also offer a collection of Manga & Anime OSTs. This site is a site that tries to offer as much as they can to a anime otaku and is updated daily with the latest fan subs. At the moment Zone-anime offer loads of anime related services.

This site was down for 1 month due to hacking [DDOS attacks] on their server, that got null routed, it is believed that "National Anime" were behind these attacks.

You can : -- Download Anime 450+ -- Download Manga 100+ -- Download Anime OSTs -- Learn how to draw your own manga ! -- Stream Anime [Zone-Anime sister site, AniTube] -- Find other anime site, (Anime Site Directory) -- Read Manga Online (This is still fairly new, at the moment they are only offering 5 manga to read online, but the section is updated often) -- Learn Japanese (You can stream Japanese lessons) -- Find cool pictures in their image gallery.

Direct Download services are on and off on the site, due to the huge ammount it's used, it normally drains too much of the sites limited resources.

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Though this site is constantly plagued with server problems [DDOS attacks by hackers] they try their best to stay online. It is rumored that the hackings come from a site called ""

This site also has close relations with the anime site "Da-Anime", with the subbers "Anime-Star" [1] (Their site was designed by Zone-Anime) Zone-Anime also has a sister site called "AniTube" , is a alliance of multiple sites allowing people to stream anime, AniTube was started up when the Zone-Anime streaming section, lost all of it's videos in the "Vidiac mass deletion" all their anime episodes were lost and multiple sites were heavily effected. It was then that the Admin of Zone-Anime asked a couple of other anime admins, Metal Wing ~ Admin of the AnimeHomeNetwork, Steino ~ Admin of Steinogard & ChakramsTM ~ Admin of AnimeRevolution if they would like to make 1 huge site and so AniTube was born.

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