Zombo.com - Humor website consisting of a single flash animation

Zombo.com - A unique humor site

Zombo.com is a humorous website created on October 10, 1999. The site consists solely of a single Flash animation of the website's title and seven circles of alternating colors. The voice-over of Zombo.com's animation, which has a vague Caribbean accent, repeatedly welcomes the viewer to the web site and claims that the viewer can do anything they want without any limitations at Zombo.com. However, when the introduction is finished, instead of a link to the main Zombo.com website, it simply provides a link to the defunct Zombo.com newsletter for a few seconds and then goes back to the start. The dot (".") in the URL is not pronounced in the animation; instead the site is referred to as "Zombocom". The site has become well known as an Internet phenomenon.

Zombo.com - A parody of the dot-com advertising

The site is believed by some to be a parody of much of the advertising of the dot-com boom, as it seems to hype up an interesting service but does not offer one. However, Zombo.com's creator, Josh Levine of 15footstick.com, intended it to be nothing more than a piece of absurdist comedy.

Josh Levine's explanation of the word "Zombo" in Zombo.com

As for the site's name, here is how Levine explained it in an email in 2001:

well as it turns out zombo is an african word, a region in angola and an african surname amongst other things. i chose the name based on a different definition however. a friend of mine used the word, "zombo" to refer to a male Zombie (a zombie being female) which is what she learned in her english class. she also learned from this same teacher that bartender is used for the male gender and bartendee the female.
i thought that this little apparent misconception was so cool that i decided to make a song about zombo:
everyone knows he is zombo /no no he's not zoro /zoro leaves a mark that's a z /but zombo doesn't leave anything /zoro needs a mask just to see /but zombo doesn't need anything...
and when it came time to name the web site the name zombo just sort of popped up.

In the same email Levine mentioned that he does not intend to change the site from its current form.

Transcription of the voice-over at Zombo.com

Current as of 26 May 2010
Welcome ... to ZomboCom.
This ... is ... ZomboCom.
This is ZomboCom; welcome ... to ZomboCom.
You can do anything at ZomboCom. Anything at all.
The only limit is yourself.
Welcome ... to ZomboCom.
Welcome ... to ZomboCom.
This is ... ZomboCom.
Welcome ... to ZomboCom!
This is ZomboCom, welcome!
Yes. This ... is ZomboCom.
This is ZomboCom! And welcome to you, who have come to ZomboCom.
Anything ... is possible ... at ZomboCom.
You can do ... anything at ZomboCom.
The infinite is possible at ZomboCom.
The unattainable is unknown at ZomboCom.
Welcome to ZomboCom.
This ... is ZomboCom.
Welcome to ZomboCom. Welcome.
This ... is ... ZomboCom.
Welcome ... to ZomboCom!
Welcome ... to ZomboCom.

Zombo.com's Zgeneration

In the spring of 2002 Zombo.com completely changed for a two-week period called "Zgeneration" featuring flash "Zubmissions" from Zombocom fans. The Zgeneration was meant to be an annual event but hasn't occurred since.

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