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The Zildjian Company is a family oriented, drummer and percussionist driven company solely dedicated to crafting the finest percussion instruments on the planet.

It was in the Ottoman Empire, in the year 1623, when an alchemist named Avedis Zildjian first discovered a method of fusing copper, tin and silver to create unique musical instruments. From that day to the present day, the Zildjian mystique has captivated musicians and music lovers alike. The secret method for blending metals survives to carry the celebrated “Zildjian Sound" into the present day and beyond.

It takes so much more than merely crafting cymbals, drumsticks and mallets to fulfill the dreams and desires of drummers around the globe. It takes passion and dedication. Two things we have known for centuries.

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22 Longwater Dr
Norwell MA 02061 US


Avedis Zildjian Company
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