Zend2.com is a free online proxy.

About Zend2.com

Zend2.com offers a free online proxy service which can be used by anybody around the world to surf the World Wide Web anonymously. Zend2.com utilizes a mirrored server with the help of which your IP and other details are always concealed to the intermediary who is providing the proxy server service. It might happen that when you are at work, your employer has blocked certain sites like MySpace.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com so that you don’t indulge in them and concentrate fully on work. Zend2.com lets you break free of that restriction and helps you utilize your lunch hour to the fullest.

Why Use a Proxy Service?

A proxy service can be utilized in so many cases other than visiting blocked websites at work.

  • You might be visiting a country that blocks access to certain websites, that promote free speech, freedom of expression etc. Use Zend2.com to visit those sites.
  • Your ISP might be having trouble in resolving a certain website. Since Zend2.com exists on a separate network, you can use it to verify the site's status.
  • You may be unsure if a website is down only for you or for everybody. Use Zend2.com to visit the website as an anonymous visitor.

Zend2.com facilitates anonymous browsing of the web by letting you browse the web for all the above situations.

Other Activities at Zend2.com

You can also chat with people online and play flash games while visiting Zend2.com