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It only came to our attention recently that was featured in a PBS program that aired in February of last year. The program interviewed a Muslim couple and a Jewish couple, all of whom had successfully met and married through internet matchmaking sites. In the case of the Muslim couple, they met through and now have a happy family alhamdulillah. We have reprinted the story here:

It's been a good summer for in the press, al-hamdulillah. Our site traffic for the first time exceeded one million page views in one week. And was mentioned extensively in a recent article in Al-Ahram Weekly, an English-language newspaper based in Egypt. The article has circulated and has even been translated into Indonesian. You can read it (in English) here:

Wow! was featured prominently in a front page story in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post newspaper on Sunday, June 6, 2004. The story was picked up by the wire services and printed in many newspapers around the country. You can read the story by clicking here:

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