Yutuvu.com goes to [[VideoSurveyClub.com]] on 1st visit, then parked page

When I visit Yutuvu.com (could be a misspelling of YouTube) for the first time I am redirected to VideoSurveyClub.com. However, the second time I visit Yutuvu.com it just looks like a normal parked website.

See what I mean: click here to visit Yutuvu.com. Then click that link again.

VideoSurveyClub.com claims to gives prizes (like an iPad) to people who complete their survey. The website is made to look a bit like YouTube.com, and the survey questions relate to videos. VideoSurveyClub.com feels like a thinly veiled phishing attempt though because it asks for your contact info at the end of a quick survey, and VideoSurveyClub.com has a bad reputation.

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