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Hi! This is Yuna, aka Cow, your host. I am a technical trainer and teacher. Ok, I know they are the same thing… Anyway… I started out my blogging life on my friend Mike’s Heavywinter site. Being a guest blogger wasn’t satisfying the amount of the words I want to spit out daily, so I started Yuna’s Village in June 2005. It has been the best thing I have ever done! From there, I tried problogging by joining b5media and ran a few blog sites, but decided to scale back to just 1 to 2 personal sites.

I write about Personal Financing and small business on Free The Cow Project. It becomes my main focus of my blogging career… well… if you want to call it a career… But a Cow also has a life and opinions, so here we are… You are reading all of my thoughts outside of my money making barn.

Besides working and blogging my butt off, I play video games, hang out with my friends and rock climb. You are welcome to check out my outdoor photos albums here. When the snow falls, I’d grab my board and head to the mountains every weekend to snowboard. I love the outdoorsy life. It gets me up and close to the Mother Nature and offers me a chance to appreciate how wonderful this place is.

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