Yoyita.com Is an Online Art Gallery of Atelier Yoyita.

Atelier Yoyita Art Gallery

Atelier Yoyita Art Gallery is formed by Dr. Gloria M. Sánchez Zeledón Norris, to showcase her contemporary art in classical realism in 1999. The website started in english and later developed to 12 languages.

About Yoyita

Yoyita is a figurative artist from Nicaragua, trained as a physician, who fell in love with art visiting European museums. Later in life she dedicated to painting and sculpture. In painting, she was influenced by Renaissance artists and Greek Hellenistic in her figurative sculptures ie. Contrapposto.

Part of Yoyita's work are religious images, some with a Byzantine art influence and renaissance flavor, for these works she uses egg tempera techniques, mixing her own paints with pigments and egg for egg tempera and oils for oil paints.

The portrait has always been a big attraction for Yoyita in her quest to capture the personality of the subject and perhaps his soul. Being these portraits in oils, pastel, watercolors, miniature or bust sculpture.

Yoyita finds the human form graceful and inspiring, figurative art has always been a challenge in painting and sculpture she is a great admirer of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Diego Velázquez, Zurbarán.

On the light side, Yoyita likes to paint pets with whimsical attitudes.

Yoyita's religious works

Expulsion-from-paradise-small.jpg Angel.jpg
Expulsion from paradise Angel

Yoyita's Landscapes

Ninos-volcan-nicaragua-yoyita.jpg Rama-indians-dwellings.jpg
Children playing on the sand at lake Nicaragua with volcano Concepción in the background Rama indians dwellings

Yoyita's Portraits

Renaissance style portrait Divine Mercy -

Chiaro-oscuro technique

Yoyita's Nudes


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