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A Little About Me: Professionally

I have been in the field of youthwork for more years than I sometimes can remember (adding all the jobs together, about 20 years). I have also done a lot of different things with youth: emergency shelter; outreach; administration; family counseling; transitional living; Adventure Based Counseling; traditional individual and group counseling; program development and grant writing. In recent years I have been encouraged by the increasing emphasis on Community Youth Development, an approach which has always made intuitive sense to me.

For the past four years, I have been working for two small agencies, AdCare Educational Institute and The New England Institute of Addiction Studies which function as one agency. I love this job as it gives me a chance to see a bigger picture and to continue learning on an almost daily basis, two things which are important to me. I also teach one course a semester, Introduction to Counseling Skills and Introduction to Social Services at Auburn Adult and Community Education. I am especially proud of the Social Services Directory the Social Services class has produced.

I began working on Youthwork Links and Ideas several years ago when I first started to use the internet to research information. At the time there were hardly any sites like this one, and searching for youthwork information was a long and tedious process. I decided to make the site that I wished was there. Many hours and many frustrations later, we have Youthwork Links and Ideas as it is today. Tomorrow it will be different, so keep checking back

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