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Yontoo LLC, based in San Diego, Calif., is the creator of Yontoo Layers™, a web enhancement platform that enables internet users to use browser apps that “make improvements” to existing websites. The “layers” technology is a web browser add-on that creates virtual layers within existing websites. These layers can be customized by apps to give the appearance of having actually modified the web page itself. Because the edits take place on the virtual layer, the original web page remains intact. The first applications to utilize Yontoo Layers™ include: PageRage, SanitySwitch, DropDownDeals, and Buzzdock. For more information, visit www.yontoo.com. If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with a Yontoo Representative, please send us an email at press@yontoo.com or visit www.yontoo.com.

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