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Love is one of the fundamental realities of God. By discovering love, we discover the existence of God. Love is Its essential "substance". The infinite energy of love comes from God and creates everything that is good, divine, harmonious, true, ecstatic. All the wonderful manifestations contain in themselves the mysterious and deeply unifying energy of love. When love is in all of us, then we are all in God. The ineffable energy of love is the endless and all-powerful source of harmonious life that manifests as happiness, joy, compassion, goodness and ecstasy. Everything that is good, beautiful and true exists through the mysterious energy of love. And nothing that is truly sublime can exist and maintain itself without the energy of love.

Everything that is uplifting, God-like and enchanting contains this mysterious energy of love. The energy of love is endless and eternal and both the source and the ultimate purpose of all beings that aspire for God. The human being that is often nourished on love, evolves much faster toward perfection, enlightenment and union with God.

The human being that gives up love (due to egoism and stupidity) separates itself from one of the essential energies of God and thus takes the road toward dispersion and self-destruction since then it loses its coherence and cohesion.

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