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Yes that's right, it's all organic and eco friendly! You may be consuming the right food, using friendly fuel, but are you dressing Template:Color? Yes It's Organic challenges you to do just that. They sell Organic & Fair Labor products from Adult Clothing to Baby Clothing, Sheets, Blankets, Towels, Duvets, Mattresses, Sustainable Furniture and more.

"Starting Yes It's Organic has combined an over 45 year passion for protecting the environment and healthy living with an opportunity to influence the lives of others and our planet in a positive way."

Ed Mass Founder of

The Yes It's Organic web store was created with the simple mission to sell, educate and promote the growth of Organic production and provide the opportunity for eco-conscious living and a healthy planet. The website is run by Ed Mass whose passion for the environment drove him to create a store for those who share the same ideals and philosophy that without a healthy planet, life itself will cease to exist.

Why Organic Clothing?

Buying Organic garments ensures that an item of apparel or a piece of cloth used for an accessory was grown on a farm using environmentally safe methods, without using any harmful chemicals or fertilizers and was not genetically modified in any way. This means that people prone to Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) can breathe easier knowing that they are a step closer to keeping toxic substances out of their lives and away from their body as much as possible.

Buying organic products also ensures that under fair trade, people who cultivated these farms benefit from the sale directly. News [ Add Your News ]

If you use poly-cotton bed sheets or wrinkle-resistant sheets then you're probably exposing yourself to formaldehyde all night long. Formaldehyde resin in these fabrics can cause fumes which can cause cancer, respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, cough, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, restless sleep, skin rash, and several other illnesses. Stain-repellent clothing can contain carcinogenic PFCs.

Think of all the hours of every day your skin is rubbing against these fabrics and possible fumes are released into the air you're inhaling.

What are people doing to avoid these toxic exposures to their health and our environment? There’s a very common progression many people are taking as their consciousness increases on these issues and they shift to eating organic food. The progression is to also shift their purchases to organic and eco-friendly clothing, bedding, and towels. --EcoShopper 12:58, 23 October 2008 (PDT)

Featured "Template:Color" Products

Some of the Organic, Eco-friendly, Fair Trade Items featured on Yes It's Organic are Organic Women's Clothing, Organic Men's Clothing, Organic Children's Clothing, Organic Baby and Infant, Organic Bed and Bath, Organic Bags and Luggage. There are also variety of other green items that would make you feel proud to use them.

Want to share some of your eco-love? Give green gifts. You've had to give a gift to a colleague or a student but have you considered giving an eco-friendly gift? And if so, what would be the ideal one to give to a colleague at work? Yes It's Organic takes the effort out of thinking of the best gift by laying out the possibilities in relevant categories. They also support large orders of Organic Promotional Logo Wear such as eco-friendly t-shirts with your company's logo printed on them.

Yes It's Organic: Logo Promotional Products

Yes Its Organic Logo WearYesItsOrganic_logo-leaf-sm.gif is an excellent opportunity for organizations looking to show their commitment to go green. This program offers green products that groups or companies can have branded with their logo to be distributed amongst employees, clients or just as gifts amongst friends.

Although companies can pick any product from the website to brand, the store has conveniently placed certain preselected products that can accomodate a logo more easily and could be considered as a gift. These products include Organic Cotton Shopping Bags, Towels, Organic Cotton Polo Shirts to T-Shirts, plus Bamboo Robes and Bamboo Towels.

Take a look for yourself at our Organic Logo Wear YesItsOrganic_logo-leaf-sm.gif

We have many more items for your logo.

Come on over to our store and see our Organic Logo Wear YesItsOrganic_logo-leaf-sm.gif

Special Products

Seasonal Items

Certified Organic Merino Wool Blanket The "perfect insulator" for winter and summer.

With the onset of winter season, here is a perfect housewarming gift to give to a couple, a newborn or even yourself. Merino Wool Blankets are made from 100% Certified Organic Merino Wool and their best attribute is giving your skin room to breathe. Further qualities include more softness than the usual, ability to retain more heat, and light weight for a comfortable sleep.

Awareness Apparel

Important causes often lead to interesting products when companies, and the people who run them, care about the environment and feel strongly about certain issues. Besides caring for the planet, Yes It's Organic feels that raising awareness of issues that are directly or indirectly linked to our lives and environment is equally important. They have dedicated a whole line of products from children's clothes to apparel for men and women under the campaign of raising awareness. If you feel strongly about an issue and want to advocate for it or simply spread the world, grab one of these t-shirts and let it speak for you!

Children's 100% Organic Cotton T Shirt from the Awareness Apparel collection. These T-shirts have a topic printed on the front with a related message; in this case specifically how you can help raise awareness on the issue of children's safety.

See the whole Awareness Apparel Collection on See how you can help save the planet's resources

Customer Testimonials

Prompt service, friendly phone chat and reliability was the order (no pun intended) of the day. a+++++++

Lisa S.

Store design is attractive and very user-friendly. Items were delivered promptly and received in a timely manner. I love the Ecolution products!! They are so comfortable and elicit many compliments. Being as green as possible is the way to go. Keep up the good work!

Tracy B.

I was desperately looking for organic men's clothing for a TV show I was working on and found your wonderful website! There are plenty of companies making organic clothing for women and babies but not many for men. I ordered several shirts and pants and ended up using a shirt and socks. I would recommend this company to everyone as you offer high quality clothing and the most incredible customer service!! Thank you so much "Yes It's Organic" and thank's a million for your help Ed!

Sonia W.

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