Yandex is the largest portal in Russian Internet today, which offers its users key internet services. According to research studies conducted by Gallup Media, FOM and Comcon, Yandex is the largest resource in Russian Internet, based on the audience size and internet penetration.

Among services offered by Yandex are search engine, directory of sites by themes, free e-mail, latest news, and Spam protection system (Spamooborona), free web hosting (Narod), encyclopedia, dictionaries, comparison shopping system (Market) and many more. By 2005, our audience has reached 2,7 M visitors a day and over 17 M a month and continues to grow.

Yandex pays a close attention to working with different regions. In 2004 we opened a regional program called Yandex.Goroda (Yandex Cities), which helps attract internet companies and advertising agencies from all over Russia to cooperate with Yandex.

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2-4 Arch. Makarious III Ave, 1505
Nicosia CYPRUS


Yandex Technologies Ltd
+7 095 974 3555, Fax: +7 095 974 3565

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