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Hi! I'm so glad you stumbled across my XXXPorn-Free website!!! Sorry, but I don't have any pornography to show.....actually, this site is about how people can be freed from the snare and trap of porn. Someone Who I love, named God, has delivered me from porn, and I and this website are here to help and minister to sexually broken people who are desperately looking for answers, and a way out from this lifestyle. I consider myself to be very transparent with you, as a man who is still "under construction." While I understand that I have more progress in my own life to make, I thought that I would let my heart be moved with compassion for others out there who are in more bondage and in worse circumstances than myself....namely, people who are involved deeper in this lifestyle than I have ever been. I have learned to find great delight and joy in helping others sacrificially at my own expense.
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