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Born in village and raised in Lalamusa. My first school was Government Middle School, but passed my fifth grade from Mandi School, Lalamusa. I sat in a primary board exam but didn’t earn scholarship. Then as per my brother’s wish, I admitted in Islamia High School, Lalamusa because my brother also graduated from that school and he knew that this is a best choice for me. But later I learned that the best choice was Normal School for Boys, which was located adjacent to my school. I always earned positions in my all high school grades. I was second in class in my sixth, eighth and tenth grades and was first in class in seventh and ninth grades. In my eigth grade I was selected for scholarship but I left it for another needy class fellow. Then I admitted in Government Science Degree College and I took some time to adjust there. First I took medical subjects as per my brother’s will but later I switched to pre-engineering because I was afraid of circumcising frogs and doing operations. I earned my intermediate degree in first class but including 20 marks of NCC training and hardly got admission in Engineering University. I was admitted in Mechanical Engineering and started my first year in University College of Engineering, Taxila. I had total 61% average and the last person qualified for admission had 60% average. I had a good time in Engineering and graduated with first class. I got my first job in four months with reference of my class fellow Altaf Hashmi. I quit it to join Sui Northern Gas but later didn’t join it because my posting was in desert of Balochistan. It was one of my life’s biggest mistakes not to join that job. Then it took me a while to get another job. I also got this job with reference of my friend Afzal’s uncle Rafi, who was also my teacher in high school. I joined Brothers Steel Limited, Lahore and started to liver with Rehmat Ali who was Altaf’s friend. Then I got a chance to join POF and moved to Wah Cantt and worked over there for four years. Then I left for USA to earn my Masters Degree and started to study in NJIT. But due to having depression and poor financial condition, I couldn’t not perform well over there and moved to City College after one semester. It took me a little while to earn Masters Degree because of misguidance and unawareness. At that time there was recession and nobody assured me that I will definitely get a job after graduation. After earning Masters Degree, I moved to Canada. I worked hard and earned enough to buy my first home and car and started to feed my family with decent earning. There are lots of ups and downs in my life and will talk about them later. Now I am specialized in Quality Engineering and have extra skill to prepare US and Canadian Taxes. (Continue)
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