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Company Name = Exceed Global, LLC
Company Type = LLC
Foundation = 2000
Location = Delaware, USA
Key People = Joseph Plazo, President & CEO
Employees = 80(2006)
Industry = Alternative Wellness and NLP
Products = CD,eBooks,Hardware
Home Page = www.XtremeMind.com

Exceed Global LLC is a global American Wellness company. The firm manufactures, markets and sells a variety of self-help products including CDs, eBooks, radionic hardware, psionic software and empowerment systems. Additionally, the firm engages in online workshops utilizing WebEx, Netmeeting, PalTalk and similar real-time communications systems.


Headquartered in Delaware, USA, Exceed Global LLC began in 1999, within Philippine territorial waters through the domain exceed-international.com under the company designation Exceed International. The firm left for London shortly thereafter and changed its name to Exceed Global Limited. Nestled in the heart of the city, Exceed Global conducts business out of a mid rise building at 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY, UK

In 2005, Exceed Global registered a new entity at Delaware in the USA. The company's registered address is The Naaman's Building Suite 206, 3501 Silverside Road., Wilmington, Delaware, 19810, United States.

Exceed Global, under its original company name, Exceed International, is listed as member of the US-India Business Council which espouses the following mandate:

The United States-India Business Council (USIBC) is the premier advocacy organization representing 250 of the largest U.S. companies investing in India, joined by global Indian companies, promoting economic reforms with an aim to deepen trade relations and broaden commercial ties between the two countries.

Corporate governance

Current members of the board of directors of Exceed Global LLC include:
Joseph Plazo, President
Ma. Gracia Plazo, Legal Vice President
Rodolfo Plazo, Logistics Vice President
Norberto Claudio, Productions Vice President
Voltain Plazo, Call Center Vice President
Marlon Plazo, Consumer Knowledge Vice President
Theresa Plazo, Admin Vice President
Charima Johnson, Marketing Vice President
Karl Rogers Brenner III, SEO Director
Michelle Conway, Customer Support Director
Tess Faustino, Procurement Director

Exceed Global Partners and Affiliates

Exceed Global formed partnerships with several brands it does not own, in order to distribute these or market them with its own brands.

Product Line

The majority of the company's products and services can be divided into four lines

Compact Discs EP1, EP2, EP3, KA, etc

Radionic Hardware RAD2400HD etc

Radionic Software RI2400HD etc

Realtime Online Workshops


The firm shuns conventional tri-media advertising and utilizes a broad mix of web-enabled technologies to get its message to its clients. Article marketing, forum/community building, rss-feed, content generation and link exchange have contributed to its formidable brand awareness. As of last update, the site's PageRank 5 pegs xtrememind.com as an "Authority Site" in google rankings.


Much of the company's online operations are delegated to business process outsourcing companies. However, the firm reserves R&D, logistics and manufacturing to inhouse specialists.

Potential clients expect to obtain the firm's goods from various locations. Software and audio is sourced from the USA, whereas hardware and tangible goods ship from USA, India and the Philippines.

External links

UK Operations

2nd Floor, 145-157 St. John Street,
London, EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom
PHONE: +44 0845 310 4103 FAX: 0870 762 3212


The Naaman's Building Suite 206, 3501 Silverside Road.,
Wilmington Delaware 19810 US


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