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So it appears the breathless internet rumors really are true, and Nick Lachey really is back together with Vanessa Minnillo, as witnessed here by pictures of them in a pool in Cabo earlier this week. And as big as this is, I can only imagine how excited I would be if I had any idea who Vanessa Minnillo is, or gave a shit whether Nick Lachey lived or died. Man, we'd really have a steamy story then. It is pretty easy to see what Vanilla Miwhatshername sees in Nick, though. I dare you to put sunglasses on a pineapple and not make out with it. Trust me. I've tried. It's simply not possible.

Jenna Elfman found a kick ass way to get back in the news, and all she had to do was act like a dangerous maniac, at least according to indie director John Roecker. Roecker says he was walking to his car in Los Angeles last Sunday when he was confronted by Elfman and her husband, Bodhi Elfman, about a t-shirt Roecker was wearing. This t-shirt. Jenna allegedly told Roecker, "Hey, man, you're making fun of my religion". Things got heated from there as they started to discuss Xenu (the alien warlord at the heart of scientologys beliefs. Seriously). At this point, an unidentified male in his twenties was told by Elfman to cover his ears so he wouldn't hear references to Xenu, and then Jenna started to scream,

Please know that Elfman has achieved the ranking of OT VII in scientology, just one level below "clear", the stage where one is said to have achieved perfect mental health. The chick who screams at strangers about baby rape. Perfectly healthy. So I guess the only question is, why wouldn’t you join scientology.

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