WTA has a mission of encouragement of research and its practical application in the field of building maintenance and monuments preservation. Since its foundation in 1977 it has developped steadily into an international platform with members from all over Europe und some in Asia and America.

WTA now stands for Wissenschaftlich-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bauwerkserhaltung und Denkmalpflege, as well as for International Association for Science and Technology of Building Maintenance and Monuments Preservation, and Association Technique et Scientifique pour la Conservation et la Restauration des Batiments et des Monuments, and Wetenschappelijk-Technische Groep voor Aanbevelingen inzake Bouwenrenovatie en Monumentenzorg.

The international character of our WTA-associaton was decided in the General Assembly of Berlin in 1997, and confirmed in the General Assembly of Fulda in 1998. The organisation of activities in and by regional branches of WTA allow to take into consideration the cultural and language differences in dissemination and implementation of scientific and technical findings into conservation and restoration practice.

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