WOYO Club München - Modernes Yoga in München


WOYO ® is a gentle, effective and easily understood introduction into the world of yoga practice, where modern training principles meet and work in harmony with traditional yoga asanas. Props are integrated as support. Participants learn physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing while clearly feeling physical improvements. The focus is on strength, flexibility, joint mobility and relaxation.

WOYO ® as exercise system can help to prevent or ease back and neck pain, headaches and stress. It is often prescribed for people recovering from injuries.

WOYO ® is special because of its systematic structure, and because it combines methods from various forms of yoga with modern training principles. Through the use of various props (after B.K.S. Iyengar), exercises and postures are made feasible for all. WOYO ® is therefore suitable for a wide range of people. As a system of exercise it can be use in rehabilitation from injuries, fitness, or as an introduction to Yoga. A WOYO ® class is not "only" a yoga-class. The emphasis is less on the asana, and more on the journey to the end-posture. People who feel uncomfortable or estranged in usual yoga classes, usually feel at home in a WOYO ® class.

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