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Worsley School OnLine began as an experiment in 1996, with a few pages of information for students, and some links to useful sites on the World Wide Web. Since then, it has grown to over 2000 pages, and our site, the SchoolNet 'Best School Site in 1998-99' winner for English Canada, includes:

Worsley School has a staff of about eight full-time teachers, and serves about 100 students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Originally begun by one teacher, WCS OnLine is currently being maintained by that teacher and a few students. Our students contribute material in the form of Word documents, which are transformed into pages on our site; some students create their own pages using html.

Worsley School OnLine was a pioneer in the area of collaborative projects; over the past several years, we have undertaken (and still maintain) various activities which bring together students and teachers from around Alberta, Canada, and the world.

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