is an online resource to connect family members to each other

World Wide Nest

User friendly and safe cross generation tool which enables people to share and exchange stories, photographs, news, events, calendars, regardless of geography and time zone.Catering to families in particular, it is laid out beautifully and engages users via its simple and adaptive navigation tools.
Nest is about communicating and collaborating with each other,sharing and exchanging information comprising of life experiences, events, photos and much more. Nest is unique and comfortable for all kinds of people, its enormous joining platforms and nature keeps people connected.
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Products and Services

  • Build a NestBy filling certain general information about yourself would help to build a nest account
  • Family NestBy creating an account at Nest, you will be able to add all your contacts, create a healthy atmosphere of a community, friends, exchange ideas through your own blog and also send invitations to join and interact through Nest.

Further, you might be able to upload your photos, updating calender events and much more.

  • Advertising
    • With Nest, there is an opportunity for Advertisers to reach target audience at same place, same time and with a single tool. Similarly, when we join a community we are at the same time knowing and promoting things and if one has to promote a product, Nest has perfect solutions for them.

Contact Information

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Melanie Salisbury-Nest President

News and Updates

Nest President and marketing consultant traveling across the country engaging in marketing and impromptu conversations to attract users around the wall to the Nest.

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