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FREE VOICE CHAT - VOICECAFE - VOICE CAFE - VOICECHAT -Live Voice Chat Communities For People around the Globe. Provided by CentauriVision, Inc. & Optecs Technologies, Inc.

Description is brought to you by Centauri Vision, Inc. This site is intended for anyone who would like to communicate with the rest of the world or to their family and friends. These free communities can be used as often as you like and there is no cost to the site user. We also offer you the chance to get your own high quality personal site with live voice cafe by signing up with us. For a small monthly rate your new voice chat can be used to communicate between family and friends worldwide in groups or small sessions with your own web page and specifically designed template.

Talk for free as long as you like and never incur any long distance bills. Anyone can enter your page as long as you give them the url or login and password, anywhere, even behind firewalls and in companies. We can set it up to your liking and you can control the room as you wish. We will also host it on our server, what more can you ask for at such a small fee.? Even hosting a website will cost as much and you wont ever see the traffic that your voice cafe page will get from users around the world. Meet new friends, explore new business opportunities, talk with family etc.

Opportunity Technologies, Ltd., (OpTecs) is a global Internet Services and Content provider offering high speed connectivity in more than 3000 metropolitan areas in 28 countries on 5 continents. Providing multimedia products and services, OpTecs delivers innovative communication, information, entertainment and interactive education.

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