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The website Women in Crisis is the English edition of the Danish website Kvinder i Krise launched in October 2003 as a private initiative originating from severe frustration caused by the lack of knowledge about women who are subjected to violence in their own homes, consisting of physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, verbal, material, and financial abuse. There is little knowledge about domestic abuse of non-physical nature, not least among the abused women themselves. Therefore, Women in Crisis has chosen to focus on the numerous, more subtle types of abuse that leave no bruises or other physical evidence.

The purpose of the website is partly to provide abused women with a tool to identify what they are experiencing and identify it: domestic abuse, by facilitating information on abuse and how it manifests itself; partly to contribute with a comprehensive list of support and other resources, as well as providing abused women with an easy accessible forum where abused women may consult and support each other as well as share advice.


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