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WizzAir.com (Wizz Air) is a relatively new airline based in Central and Eastern Europe. WizzAir.com promises its customers low cost air travel along with a friendly and enthusiastic customer care both on the ground and in the air.

WizzAir.com - Multilingual Staff

The WizzAir.com staff is both multilingual and is trained to the highest levels of professional standards. For example, Wizz Air staff is fluent in speaking several languages of the region including Hungarian and Polish in addition to English. WizzAir.com is committed to making every effort to ensure you always feel comfortable and welcomed on board.

WizzAir.com Fleet

Size matters! With a fleet of 6 aircraft just after 4 months of operation WizzAir.com is already the largest low fare airline of the CEE region. The WizzAir.com fleet of 6 (soon after to be 9!) 180 seater Airbus A320 aircraft enables Wizz Air to provide you with a choice of 10 popular European destinations this winter season. WizzAir.com offers you more seats to more destinations from the region than any other low fare airline. The strong financial background ( large capital ) allows WizzAir.com to be more flexible in offering you more affordable and competitive prices.

Booking a Flight with WizzAir.com

It's easy to book a flight! At WizzAir.com, buying tickets is quick and easy. Passengers can choose to buy tickets for themselves or for others (up to a maximum of 50 people.) Booking online is both easy and efficient. However, the WizzAir.com call centre will offer the opportunity for you to speak to Wizz Air staff if you require speaking to someone or if you don't have access to a computer. Upon reaching the WizzAir.com call centre you will be connected to a Wizz Air service professional who will guide you through an easy ticket booking process. You can also book with your favourite travel agent . However, there will be additional charges and costs associated with a purchase through call centre and travel agency. Please visit this page on WizzAir.com for further information.


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