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Great businessmen know how to follow the trends and strike when the iron is hot. However, great minds follow their own beliefs and trends seem to follow. You see it in the fashion world all the time, one person can wear their collar up and it seems to catch on all over the place. Is the idea of a popped collar anything new? Of course not. Hell, Eric Cantona sported it back in the early 90’s and I’m sure he wasn’t the first.

For some people it caught on and for others it didn’t. Very few ideas are new and the rest of them just follow a cycle. That cycle is the trend and in every industry of the web you see over 90% of the companies falling at the end of the trend. It seems so many of us fail to see the obvious and capitalize on it or we just don’t realize that the trend is over.

Blogs are nothing new. The revolution they have created on the web is nothing short of spectacular. However, they are ingrained in people’s minds now so claiming them as the next big thing isn’t effective. They have already been the next big thing many times over. Email newsletters were the next big thing years before that. Community sites and forums have always been the next big thing.

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