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Wikitravel is a free resource using wiki technology to provide a world-travel guide. Operating under the assumption that travelers can provide first-hand information about their trips in a more timely and reliable fashion than travel books, Wikitravel offers over 15,000 destination guides and other articles in English, with additional articles in 16 other languages.

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Because travel information is so often utilized away from computers, Wikitravel articles has an emphasis on presentation that allows them to be easily presented in other formats, particularly in print. As such, Wikitravel's content is provided free of charge under the Creative Commons by-attribution, share-alike license.

Guides and Structure

Travel guides on Wikitravel include destination guides and itineraries, with articles containing not only information about the city or region it's describing, but also helpful tidbits on traveling to and from the location, getting around, what to see and do, and places to stay or eat, all contributed by other travelers and their experiences.

Because of their contents, Wikitravel tends to be more highly structured than a variety of other wikis, with an internal Manual of Style with information on structure as well as how to format and write articles.


Founded in 2003 by Evan Prodromou and Maj Jenkins-Prodromou, Wikitravel was acquired along with -- another travel wiki -- by Internet Brands in April of 2006. Internet Brands specializes in consumer information websites including,,,, and After the acquisition, it was announced that Internet Brands planned on continuing Wikitravel's focus on collaborative, objective travel guides, while would begin to focus more and more on personal experiences and reviews. Both Evan and Maj remained with Wikitravel after the acquisition

On May 1, 2007, Wikitravel was honored with the prestigious Webby Award for Best Travel Website.

See also Wikitravel's Milestones page.


Wikitravel is available in 17 different languages, click on a link to go directly to the Wikitravel page for that language:

Other Language-related Resources on Wikitravel

  • Wikitravel Shared -- Image depository for all Wikitravel language versions, and the community collaborating place for cross-wiki discussions and issues.
  • Phrasebooks -- Wikitravel also includes phrasebooks for various locations, allowing for various dialect and derivations of language based on region.

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Community Reviews

The best travel resource on the web!

It'a a wiki, so everyone collaborates -- truly the wisdom of crowds.

A great, independent travel guide

Lots of information there, even has an article on space flights.

WikiTravel still the best.

Especially their coverage of Ireland and Dublin and remains my favorite travel website on the internet today.


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Featured Text -- Just as there is an AboutUs Community, we at AboutUs also like to celebrate things happening in the global wiki community as well. Tomorrow -- July 24 -- marks the four year anniversary of's first article and user (as well as the date MediaWiki was installed and operational) and we wanted to give a shout out to them on their milestone. For those not in the know, Wikitravel is a great travel resource complete with travel-guide quality pages including destination guides and itineraries. They offer information in 17 different languages, with over 15,000 guides and other articles in English. As a wiki, Wikitravel provides a collaborative space for travelers to find and share first-hand information. Last May, Wikitravel was honored with the prestigious Webby Award for Best Travel Website, beating out such heavy hitters as and

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