What You Always Wanted To Know About Laser Tattoo Removal


Many people regret the tattoos they've had in their teens. They consider removing these unwanted tattoos, but they fear the process. They are also afraid the result might look worse than the initial tattoo. Some of them know people who successfully removed their tattoos. However, there are lots of questions to be asked about the technology and the best tattoo removal clinics in San Antonio, TX, as well as about the cost of such treatments.


This is a list of the top ten most common things people want to know about laser tattoo removal, answered by experts with thousands of such treatments completed:

10. Are all tattoos removable? Most tattoos can be removed, black ink ones being the easiest to get rid of. Red, yellow, blue, purple and dark green are also fairly easy to remove. The most difficult ones are light green, teal and turquoise. While they can be faded, it's extremely hard to make them disappear completely. If you want to know more about this issue, you should call a specialized tattoo removal clinic and get in touch with an expert technician. They are the most qualified individuals to answer your question.


9. How dangerous is laser tattoo removal? Tattoos have to be removed using only a specialized laser. If you hear about a certain clinic that they use the same laser for various procedures and treatments, you should definitely refuse getting your tattoo removed there. You need a specialized clinic with well-trained and skilled experts and with the most suitable equipment for this type of treatment. Tattoo removal lasers are perfectly safe, but only when they are handled by professionals who know what they are doing. In addition, you have to wear protective equipment such as eye protection goggles. Since these specialized lasers use non-ionizing radiation, they don't carry any risk of cancer or other alteration of the structure of the cells. This type of equipment has to pass through a very strict FDA approval process prior to being used in a clinic.


8. What type of laser is used for tattoo removal treatments? Among the most common laser types used in most clinics there are Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers. Their main advantage is that they combine effectiveness with safety, as they use two different wavelengths of light to decompose the ink and make the tattoo disappear.


7. Am I going to be left with scars after the removal of my tattoo? If used by an experienced technician, this type of laser doesn't leave any scars. This is why it's very important to choose a clinic that employs only competent and certified professionals with advanced medical training. 


6. What is the time distance between two tattoo removal sessions? Most of the time, four weeks are enough for the skin to heal. However, in case of extremely bright, colorful tattoos, the recommended time between two sessions is longer. In such situations, you can consider six weeks as the standard interval. Ask your technician about your specific situation, if you are interested to plan your future treatment sessions early on.


5. Are there any side effects I should know about? The most common side effects of such treatments are redness and the swelling of the skin. They usually last for about one week and they are more frequent in patients with black or dark ink tattoos. In case of multicolored tattoos some blistering is also possible. Nonetheless, they are part of the normal skin healing process, so they won't leave any scarring behind.


4. How does the breaking up of the ink occur? There are two processes that occur: first, the pigment in the ink gets shattered as it absorbs the energy emitted by the laser; the 6 nanosecond pulse and the high intensity of the light determines the pigment to break apart.


3. Does it hurt? Most people who have had their tattoos removed compared the pain as being similar the one of you feel when you get a tattoo in the first place. However, they describe this discomfort as being much quicker. Besides, the best clinics use various methods for alleviating the pain, thus making the tattoo removal process more comfortable.


2. How many treatment sessions will I need? The number of sessions can be anywhere between 3 and 10. It always depends on the age, the size and the colors of your tattoo. If you need to know more, you have to ask a tattoo removal expert for advice.


1. What is the price of one session? Prices vary with the tattoo size. Removing a small tattoo requires less work than removing a very large one. In addition, prices vary with the quality of the services and of the equipment used. This is why you shouldn't guide yourself solely by prices when choosing your clinic. The more experienced the technician, the safer your treatment is going to be.


For more information, you should contact a specialized laser tattoo removal clinic. You are going to find out everything you need to know before making up your mind to get rid of your unwanted tattoos.

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