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I am working on a gear review system right now in case some of you have not noticed the new forums that are listed all the way towards the bottom. Please be patient with me. I am stuck at a point where it is kicking my butt. I am going to step away for awhile now and take a break. I have been at this since this morning. Maybe a break will give me what it takes.

This is another request for help. We need someone to manage the different sub-forums on the "Other Long Trails" forums. I have included the list below that we need help with. We would really like to have someone moderate each forum and preferably someone that has completed a hike of the trail they are willing to moderate.

It is time again to start planning ahead for the 3rd annual WhiteBlaze get together and hiker feed. I have made arrangements with the Ferryman for the weekend of September 16th. So that will be the date.

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