Wetpaint.com was a free [[WikiWiki|wiki]] hosting website, now entertainment news.

Wetpaint.com: wiki to entertainment news


As of September 2010, Wetpaint is re-inventing itself as a website for entertainment news and gossip. Until then, Wetpaint.com was a free wiki hosting website.

I guess this shouldn't be a surprise from a startup that used the tag line "At Wetpaint, the paint is still wet."

This article from TechFlash.com has more details on Wetpaint's evolution from wiki to celebrities.

A new home for entertainment and celebrity news

Wetpaint.com is now a website for news and gossip about the latest television shows and the actors and actresses in them.

If you follow Perez Hilton on Twitter or watch E! on television, the new Wetpaint.com may be for you.

Goodbye to free wiki hosting from Wetpaint

Below is more information about Wetpaint.com's time focusing on being a wiki host website:

Wetpaint's former logo

Wetpaint was a leading provider of hosted easy-to-use wiki software. The heart of the Wetpaint advantage is its ability to allow people - especially those without technical skill - to create, contribute, and connect with websites written for and by those who share a passion or interest. Wetpaint was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square. The company is backed by Trinity Ventures and Frazier Technology Ventures.

It appears that Wetpaint is still supporting its wiki hosting, and allowing ne people to create wikis. See the last question on Wetpaint.com's contact page for more details and helpful links.


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Seattle, WA 98104


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